I see hustle-free launches in your future

No, I’m not a mind-reader but I’m here to help you install a low-energy, high-impact email-only launch system into your business that connects deeply and converts effortlessly.


Launching has become this big, scary word online.

Because everyone’s chasing the next big launch strategy but somewhere along the way the foundations got skipped.

The real power of a launch isn’t in the fireworks; it’s in the quiet moments when someone reads your email and thinks, “Wow, they really get me.”

That’s where my unique version of email-only launches comes in.

Hustle-Free Launches: A low-energy, high-impact repeatable sales system that anyone can use when you have the following in place:

  1. A clear and specific ideal client
  2. Offers made with them in mind
  3. Real + relevant messaging that speaks to the heart and mind of your person

If you’re ready to leave the online hustle culture behind and redefine the way you sell keep reading…

The Truth Is,

Copy is the way you'll set yourself Apart

And when you have super cool side-kick support (who also happens to be an expert conversion copywriter) and the right tools, it can be a snap…

Yeah, if you’re a newish coach you might not be ready to invest your hard-earned $$$$ in a copywriter. But you also know how integral it is to have great copy – then hiring a copy coach is the next best thing.

With copywriting coaching, YOU get to be the word ninja, and gain those copy skills for yourself – along with support, accountability, and actionable feedback from a highly experienced copywriter. 

Here’s how I can help you.

Alternatively, if you’re hitting those 5-figure months and you’re ready to show up online with something as unique and effing amazing as you are then hiring me to write everything for your next launch is going to be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made for your business.

Check out my packages here.


Your Word Journey To Selling Out Your Offers

01. hustle-free launch plan & template

Map out your first (or next) email-only launch using this simple but powerful mini-course and template bundle that guides you through my 3-step system for low-stress, repeatable launches that convert.

For only $47!


Grab the best course on the market to research, plan, and write your sales page in under 48 hours. It’s like ‘paint by numbers’ for sales pages! No guesswork, just a straightforward process to creating a sales page that works.

For Only $197!


Get my expert and strategic marketing brain and eyes on your copy. 

Hire me to do an extensive review on your sales page or emails and they’ll be converting in no time.

For Only $197!


My Love!

I’m Cheryl, a sales page expert, conversion copywriter, and Certified Master Marketer.

I’m obsessed with words & marketing – it’s my superpower and a killer combo.

I love helping coaches turn boring bland copy into something that sparkles, delights, and gets people to reach for their wallets.

I started out as a done-for-you sales copywriter and wrote dozens of high-converting sales pages for high-earning coaches (still do).

I then had the opportunity to work as a copy coach in some stellar group programs and I realized I loved coaching just as much!

So I decided I needed to have offers for both…

No matter where you’re at in your word journey I have something for you.

Brand new? Grab my free email templates to improve your writing and sales in just a few clicks.

Been at it for a little while but not seeing the results you’d like? A copy review, funnel audit, or launch plan is the way to go.

Seasoned pro with a validated offer? Custom copy for your next launch will knock it out the park!

It's time to grow and...

You're Ready To Stand Out

01. HF LAUNCH Foundation

⚡️ Offer Deep Dive Session

⚡️ Longform Sales Page

⚡️ Custom Launch Plan


⚡️ Everything in Launch Foundation ++

⚡️ Sales Emails

⚡️ Post-launch Debrief

03. HF LAUNCH System

⚡️ Everything in Launch Signature ++

⚡️ Prelaunch Strategy & Emails

"Cheryl's pages are as strategic as they are hilarious."

“Cheryl is such a delight to work with. She not only spun up some beautiful words that totally nailed our tone of voice, but she’s got the added bonus of a really sharp marketing brain, so it’s not just pretty words with no substance. I couldn’t recommend her more.”


"Cheryl has a keen ability to make boring and hard things come alive on a sales page!"

“As a sales growth expert, my products are substantial and cover the land of sales extensively, however my brand essence, is fun and light. She does an excellent job capturing my voice without losing the importance of the offer. She has written five sales pages for me over the last couple of years and she always delivers on time and with excellence. One thing that I teach in sales is to always have a sales visual to communicate your offer. This can be a pitch deck, success path, syllabus or sales page! I enjoy having Cheryl write my sales pages because she writes from an objective place that truly connects with my prospects. I use the sales pages as part of my educational warm up process making it so much easier to consistently close 90%+ of my sales calls. She is my go-to sales page copywriter and always will be. “

MICHELLE TERPSTRA • FOUNDER + CEO, Startup Sales Leadership Institute

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