Launch & Sell Your First (Or Next) Coaching Offer With Ease

– Even If You’ve Been Struggling To Get People To Buy So Far And You’re Completely Stumped As To Why!

I know what you’re thinking….

How could I possibly sell with ease when I don't even know why my programs aren’t selling?

I get that, and you’re not alone!

I’ve worked with thousands of online entrepreneurs to improve their conversions and 99% of the time they don’t know what the problem is when they come to me.

They THINK (emphasis on the word think) it's:

99% of the time….

they’re WRONG!

Hi, I'm Cheryl,

Sales page expert, conversion copywriter, and Certified Master Marketer.

I have written dozens of high-converting sales pages for 6-figure coaches.

But after working as a copy coach in a few group programs I realized my real passion was helping coaches who are not quite ready to hire an expensive copywriter but still really need support with their messaging.

I know how hard it can be when you’re starting out and you have no idea why your stuff isn’t selling.

And of course, the online space doesn’t help, with everyone shouting that they know what the problem is.

Normally it’s something shiny like the latest marketing strategy, webinars, launching, or low ticket offers.

The truth?

These strategies ALL WORK….

But not without figuring out HOW to talk about your offers first

You can have the shiniest, most complicated funnel in the world but if you don't know how to speak about your offer in a way that gets your perfect-fit clients excited to buy it, then you might as well be talking to yourself.

And it all starts with your sales page…

Did you know, all the best marketers write their sales page BEFORE they’ve even created their offer?

That’s how integral it is to the process!

So let me show you...

How to write a sales page that fixes all your other problems and sells your programs on autopilot (with a bundle of tools I created from my 5 years of real-world copywriting experience).

This is over 10k’s worth of knowledge (that’s how much I’ve spent on marketing, copywriting, and design training) bundled up into the simplest sales page product on the market...

For only $47!

Sales Page Bootcamp

The online course for coaches who are ready to sell their programs and services with a profitable sales page that has your clients eager and ready to buy!

For Only $197

Here’s what you’ll get:

When you sign up today, you'll also get access to these...

Sales page bootcamp Bonuses

Sales Page Shortcut (Value $97)

No time to write your sales page? No problem. I'll show you how to use AI and my sales page template to write your sales page much faster.

No-BS Sales page Review (Value $97)

Watch me perform a real-life audit on a sales page that helped a coach immediately improve her copy and get her first sales straight after implementing my feedback and suggestions.

Sales Page Data Deep Dive (Value $47)

Find the leaks and plug them quickly with this easy to implement mini-course. I show you how to install a free heat-mapping tool so you can see how visitors move through your sales page and use that information to improve conversions.

FB Community (Value $197)

Join my clients-only FB group to get the support you need as you go through the course. Connect with other coaches and promote your offers in this supportive environment!

I’ve helped thousands of coaches improve their sales pages…

Here’s What Some of Them Had to Say About Sales Page Bootcamp

My "Put My money where my mouth is" Money back Guarantee

If you go through the toolkit and you're not 100% convinced that you'll be able to write a better sales page with it just email me and let me know within 7 days of your purchase and I'll give you your money back. No strings attached!

Your questions answered

Absolutely! The thing is you really don’t need to do a lot of writing yourself when you use my quick and dirty market research process because the page basically writes itself with words from your ideal clients.

Yes to all of those! In this course I show you how to research, plan and write a long-form sales page. 

You can use a long-form sales page to sell just about anything – including non-boring services.

Most programs that claim to help you sell more offers are marketing programs. They’re going to help you build a complicated funnel or run ads but that’s kind of like the doctor giving you medicine for a headache. It might fix the symptom but it doesn’t cure the cause. And the cause for you is that you dont know what to say to your potential buyers to get them to buy. 

This product will help you with that but it will also translate through to everything else you write for your business because once you know how to write for your audience you CANT UNKNOW IT!

I’ve created this tool using Google Docs. If you don’t use Google Docs you can download it as a word document or a pdf.

You can definitely still use this tool to improve a sales page. It will help you to write your sales page in a logical order and also know how to find words that are going to resonate with your ideal client.

If you already have a sales page that isn’t performing you can purchase a mini sales page audit for $97 and I’ll review your existing copy via recorded video and then email it to you to watch.

Yes, this simple sales page writing framework and process works for anyone who wants to sell a course, a group program, or a service. This is not for e-commerce though.

It’s cheaper, it’s quicker and it’s more straightforward than any other sales page product you’ve ever bought before. You’ll be able to go through the whole thing and write your whole sales page within 48 hours.