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Wish You had a friend who's really good with words who could "have a quick look at it for you"?

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Hi, I'm Cheryl.

Sales page expert, conversion copywriter, and Certified Master Marketer.

I have written dozens of sales pages for high earning coaches.

But after working as a copy coach in a few group programs I realized my real passion was helping coaches who are not quite ready to hire an expensive copywriter to write their pages for them.

I know how hard it can be when you’re starting out and really need the right support to grow your business, but you’re only bringing in a few clients here and there and can’t afford to hire someone just yet…

That’s exactly why I now create affordable tools and resources like this copy review, to help coaches write copy that is aligned with their values AND sells their offers.

Let’s talk about...

The No-BS sales page review

Get easy to implement feedback in a recorded video review delivered straight to your inbox within 3 business days

For only $97!

Conversion rate on her sales page with cold traffic coming straight from Facebook ads to a $49 workshop 🤯

You’ll get:

An expert opinion and easy to implement feedback of any single sales page sent straight to your inbox within 3 business days

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...About The No-bS Review

Your questions answered

Most copywriters will only tell you what you’re doing wrong but they won’t tell you what to do instead because they want you to hire them to write it for them.

I’d love it if you hired me to write your copy for you but my ultimate goal is to help more coaches who are not in the position to hire a copywriter make more sales. 

Because of that, I not only tell you what’s wrong but I also often give you ideas on what to write instead as well as feedback on layout of the page and sometimes even design.

Absolutely no catch! I know most copywriters charge at least $500 to look at a sales page and give the kind of feedback I’m giving here… but my mission is to help coaches who are great at what they do – but not so great at writing about it – make more money. So I’ve made this super affordable so more coaches can get this kind of advice.

3 business days once I’ve received your completed intake form. 

You can submit pretty much anything you want as long as it’s just one page. Here are some of the things I normally review for clients: Sales pages, webinar registration pages, opt-in pages for lead magnets, the homepage of your website.

If you’re not sure, just pop me an email at and I’ll tell you whether I can review it for you.

You’re welcome to send any live pages or shareable documents that you have for review. As long as it has a link I can access I can review it.

If you’re sharing google docs please make sure you have set the permission to “Everyone with link can view”.

Imagine how many more people you could be helping...

...if you could just articulate your offer in a way that made people want to buy!

Book your No-BS Sales Page Review now and let’s get your copy attracting and converting dream clients as soon as possible.