Launch & Sell Your Black Friday Offer this year...With Ease

I know what you’re thinking….

It's far too late to be putting something together for Black Friday...

I've missed the boat!

I'll try next year again (even though you said that last year).

The truth Is, I was just like you:

If you have an...

Easy-To-Use sales system

And the right tools!

Hi, I'm Cheryl,

Sales page expert, conversion copywriter, Certified Master Marketer and serial last-minute launcher.

I have written dozens of high-converting sales pages for 6-figure coaches.

But when it comes to getting my own offers out there sometimes I really struggle.

👉 Perfectionism.

👉 Overthinking.

👉 And some imposter syndrome to boot.

So believe me, I know how hard it can be when you’re constantly second-guessing yourself and getting in your own way when it comes to selling your offers.

But everything changed for me when I stopped worrying about the perfect vehicle for selling and just concentrated on what I knew best…

A Great (but simple) Sales Page and emails to go with

Because you actually don't need anything else to sell your offers.

So let me show you...

How to write a sales page and sales emails that that sell your programs with very little effort (using a bundle of tools and trainings I created from my 5 years of real-world copywriting experience).

This is over 10k’s worth of knowledge (that’s how much I’ve spent on marketing, copywriting, and design training) bundled up into the simplest sales page product on the market...

For only $47!

The black friday sales system bundle

A complete bundle of tools to create a kick-ass sales system that will have your clients eager and ready to buy so you can start selling your Black Friday offers this year (instead of next)!

Normal price $97

Today's Price Only $47

Get the BF email templates completely FREE!

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Here’s what you’ll get:

Here’s what you’ll Walk Away with:

If you know you need a bit more support I'm here for you...

Upgrade to a VIP Voxer Day

For only $497 (Normal price $750)

When you upgrade to the VIP option you'll get access to me for a whole day (via Voxer) to go over anything you want to – and make sure you get your Black Friday offer out this year!

Here's what I can help you with:

I’ve helped thousands of coaches improve their sales pages…

Here’s What Some of Them Had to Say

My "Put My money where my mouth is" Money back Guarantee

If you go through the toolkit and you're not 100% convinced that you'll be able to write a better sales page with it just email me and let me know within 7 days of your purchase and I'll give you your money back. No strings attached!

Your questions answered

Absolutely! The thing is you really don’t need to do a lot of writing yourself when you use my quick and dirty market research process because the page basically writes itself with words from your ideal clients.

Most programs that claim to help you sell more offers are marketing programs. They’re going to help you build a complicated funnel or run ads but that’s kind of like the doctor giving you medicine for a headache. It might fix the symptom but it doesn’t cure the cause. And the cause for you is that you dont know what to say to your potential buyers to get them to buy. 

This product will help you with that AND it will also translate through to everything else you write for your business because once you know how to write for your audience you CANT UNKNOW IT!

I’ve created this tool using Google Docs. If you don’t use Google Docs you can download it as a word document or a pdf.

You can definitely still use this tool to improve a sales page. It will help you to write your sales page in a logical order and also know how to find words that are going to resonate with your ideal client.

If you already have a sales page that isn’t performing you can purchase a mini sales page audit for $97 and I’ll review your existing copy via recorded video and then email it to you to watch.

Yes, this simple sales page writing framework and process works for anyone who wants to sell a course, a group program, or a service. This is not for e-commerce though.

It’s cheaper, it’s quicker and it’s more straightforward than any other sales page product you’ve ever bought before. You’ll be able to go through the whole thing and write your whole sales page within 48 hours.

For the cost of... average meal out with your bestie, you could be selling your Black Friday offers on repeat with a strategic sales system that works! For offers ranging from $7 to $7k.

So even if this only helps you sell one $47 offer you will have made your money back…

Do the math!

Sorry you missed this deal!