ATTENTION: Business Coaches Currently Relying on Referrals!

How to Get the RIGHT Clients. CONSISTENTLY!

(Without Working Harder, Having To Learn Alllllll The Things Or Selling Your Soul)

You’ve created a business that you love but you’re just working too hard and struggling to scale because you’re booked out.

You’re still operating in a time for money equation so if nothing changes then nothing changes.

And by now you know that in order to scale you need a scalable offer AND a funnel.

Wait, wait, wait! If the word funnel makes you cringe, stick with me, I promise you are not going to find any gross marketing tactics here.

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This is why you're stuck

problem 1

You’re tapped out!

You could be taking on more clients if only you weren’t spending all your valuable creative time on organic marketing methods.

The endless posting is beginning to feel like a never ending cycle and the truth is if you never had to do another FB post or Instagram story again, you’d be pretty ok with that.

Posting on social media
Connecting and relationship building

problem 2

You’ve spent your time connecting with people, forming relationships and building your reputation. 

Now what? 

The truth is you don’t know how to get clients any other way

But you’re ready to grow faster! You’re ready to take your business to that next level and getting clients organically is just not going to cut it anymore.

problem 3

You want to scale and use a funnel to do that but you’re concerned it’s going to come across tacky and soulless.

You’ve been through one too many bro marketers slimy funnels and you always ended up feeling like you needed to take a bleach bath at the end of them.

Man teaching about sales funnels

Oh, and don't forget, the tech stuff completely overwhelms you so you'd rather not even bother!

yup! then I'm your girl ✋

The thing is, you CAN stop trading time for money, scale your business authentically with an automated sales process that brings in leads, clients and revenue without having to work harder. 

And I can help you every step of the way.

Or DM me using the Messenger Bubble in the bottom right corner!

Cheryl Oliver | Website Designer and Funnel Builder

Hi, I'm Cheryl

I’m here to help you scale with ease.

You can skip the sleazy marketing tactics and create a beautiful, authentic path for your dream clients to discover and pay you to do what makes you happy. Without being glued to your phone, losing valuable family time, or skipping your vacation plans… again.

Whether you’re ready to pimp up that DIY’ed sales page or you’re sending cold traffic to your offers for the first time and it’s falling flat, I’m here for you!

Ready to kick ass and take names online? Let The Smart Woman’s Funnel take you from “always on” to hands-off selling today!

My promise to you

Promise 1

You will be able to bring in consistent new leads, and turn them into fans and buyers, all without working harder than you are right now with a clear plan and pathway.

Promise 2

You will have more time to concentrate on the parts of your business that light you up  because, let’s face it, marketing is not what you want to spend your time on and it’s definitely NOT your zone of genius. 

Promise 3

You will ultimately have the business you always dreamed of by setting up an automated process to bring in new ideal clients who love what you do and want to work with you.

You'll be able to have cash injections and new clients at the click of a button because you're walking away with a system that you can turn off and on again whenever you need to.

How I fulfill those promises

Lead funnels

Lead generation


Webinar conference on a laptop

Webinar funnel

Sales funnel

Sales Funnel

Here's what you'll walk away with:

You will know EXACTLY who you're serving and how to package up your offers so that it’s love at first sight for your people.

A way to sell your offers that grows your business AND allows you to have more time with your family.

An automated customer journey that holds your ideal customer by the hand while they go from stranger, all the way to loyal fan.

Beautifully designed custom built landing pages to elevate your brand and your customers experience.

Automations so that you can concentrate on the parts of your business and life that you want to, while leads are coming in on autopilot.

A step by step plan to grow your business with someone who believes in your success and knows how to get you there.

I've helped dozens of coaches and creative entrepreneurs create their sales pages and funnels

Here's what they have to say about it

"cheryl is a godsend"

"She saved me trying to figure it all out myself"

"I'm truly grateful for her skills"

Frequently Asked Questions

Quite honestly – I’ve seen successful funnels in every single ridiculous niche you can think of. So, long story short… yes.

Yes, you want your own funnel software so that you own all of the data. If you’re not sure which software is best for you, I can give you recommendations.

Yes! I do have set payment schedules – we can discuss those on our discovery call.

Yes! I have specialised in these funnels and because of that I’m really good at them 😉 If you’re looking for something else please let me know and I can refer you to one of my amazing colleagues.

Absolutely! I offer funnel optimisation as well as funnel creation.

Pop me a DM or book a call and we can chat about your specific funnel and I will prepare a custom proposal for you.

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