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How to Create a High Converting

Lead Funnel in Just 3 Easy Steps

*pssst, it’s like magic*

Build your first (or next) Lead Funnel in minutes, right on your WordPress website – for coaches and course creators who want to skip the tech overwhelm and start filling their email list with buyers right now!!

I know, I know....

You’ve tried buying templates from here and workbooks from there but you never EVER got the whole thing done (at least not properly anyway).

This is different, Lead Funnel in a Box is everything you need to create your freebie and start promoting it all in one place.

No more half solutions!

1. The Offer

Make sure your free offer is exactly what your dream clients are asking for with this step by step workbook

Whether you’re stuck in indecision about which freebie is ‘just the right one’ or you have one already but nobody seems to want it, this easy to follow workbook is going to help you create the perfect free offer for your perfect people. One that will have them lining up at your virtual door when you post “who want’s it?”.

You’ll walk away with:

  • A free offer that draws the exact right people onto your list and has them lining up to work with you

2. The Invitation (to your list)

Easily setup a beautifully branded landing page with these elegant Elementor templates

Three different layouts and palettes to choose from so that you can have professional-looking landing pages even if you’re just starting out. Easily edit images, colours and fonts – for those of you who already have your brand all figured out

You’ll walk away with:

  • A gorgeous landing page that draws in the exact right people to your email list every single day (without the tech stress)

3. The Nurture Factory

Look after your potential dream clients with an inspired email sequence that introduces, befriends and preps

Don't make the mistake of not introducing yourself properly to your new potential customers once they’ve joined your list. That’s like skipping the first date and offering marriage after ‘hello’. With this email sequence swipe file, you’ll know exactly what to say to take your new subscribers from hello to closed.

You’ll walk away with:

  • The exact wording for 7 emails to welcome them, introduce yourself and get the sale

Let’s be honest!

You could put this off AGAIN and your list could stay at 10 (*cough* more like 2). But you know as well as I do that it’s not going to grow on its own and without an email list you’re at the mercy of the ever-changing Instagram algorithm, hoping that they don’t make it even harder for you to reach people tomorrow.

Yesterday was the best time to start growing your list.

The second best time is today!

Lead Funnel In A Box

Total Value = $582!!

Regular Price = $97